Need to Know:

U-P0 was born Prince U-P0 on the Planet Pollet.
His home was devastated in an intergalactic war.
Now, he loots spaceships with his secret idenitiy as a pirate for funds to rebuild.

Fun Facts About U-P0:

- U-P0 is the crown prince of the Planet Pollet.
- U-P0 is 18 years of age.
- U-P0 is of, what is recognized intergalactically as, the "Grik" species.

Biography Section.

U-P0 is the second oldest of five children legitamately born to the King and Queen of Planet Pollet.
His eldest brother, Skel, tragically passed away during the final battle of the terrible war.
Planet Pollet is known for their abundant mineral resources which the royal family have a natural affinity to.
This is why they were targeted and attacked.
As it is, U-P0 is left to continue his family's long standing legacy of maintaining security and reigning during times of peace as the only living descendant left.
His coranation is set to occur the day after his nineteenth birthday, during which he will finally be of age and able to rule Prollet as a responsible adult.

To acquire the much needed funds for the rebuilding of his people's kingdom, U-P0 decided to turn into a space pirate.
Much to his parent's (imaginary) dismay, U-P0 does not engage in those merituous and righteous deeds of "stealing from the rich and giving to the poor" much like the cartoon they used to entertain him with.
Instead, U-P0 considered anyone who travels in his territory a possible target but makes sure to not go after every ship because if he did then the area would gain a bad reputation and no one would (unknowingly) come supply his royal funds.

The Grik species is a wonderfully kind species praised throughout the galaxy as a exemplary model of civil behavior and hospitality.
Every royal embassador leaves Planet Pollet, where most Grik reside, in a better mood than the one they arrived with and every tourist leaves with a shinier smile.
That is why the pirating scheme is so well concealed without suspicion being harbored on the residents of Pollet.
After all, with the Prince (soon-to-be-King) covering the traces and settling even the smallest doubts, it's virtually impossible for anything to go wrong. Or so they all thought...